Marx.P | Mai 2014 | Promo Mix

Play 2 Play Promotions
Graz Underground, Austria

Marx.P’s Upcoming Gigs
Friday 25 July, 2014
ECO FESTIVAL 2014, Opatje Selo, Opatje Selo, Slovenia
Friday 14 November, 2014
3 Years of Play2Play Promotions, Postgarage 2nd Floor, Graz, Austria
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Marko P. alias Marx.P was born in Maribor, Slovenia
He was getting in touch with music at his very young years.
In 2002 as he finished the Highschool, Marko started his career
as a Mc on different electronic music events arround Slovenia Country
and in Clubs and places like: Hala C-Celje, Farovec Lake, Escape Club,
Martin Krpan, Casablanca Club, Marco Polo-Nova Gorica and many more…
He was residented in Club Impulz in Maribor for 6 years, where he was
managing their own events and started his Dj career. Then hetook a rest
for 2 years and Marko decided to move to another Country in 2010.
Now he lives in Graz, Austria, Where he continues to perform on
different electronic events around Austria and Slovenia as a TechHouse Dj.
He established in 2011 a non profitable project named Play2Play Promotions,
where dj and newcomer djs can promote itselfs.
Marx.P alias Mc Parallax performed with stars like:
Valentino Kanzyani, Umek, Paul van Dyk, Ade Fenton, Space Djs, Misjah, Preach,
Eddie Evil Richards, Eric Sneo, Nick Chagall, Cave, Marko Nastic, and many More…


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