2014 I’m still here by zAk Hamburg

it’s been a long while since i recorded my last mix . . . so my friends kept on buggin‘ me… so here it is after 5 months or so — just a couple of songs i’m diggin at the moment and for a while and some new stuff from friends xxx hope you like it -> comments as always welcome ♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ★ love zAk x

thx to antos glass coffee and marco d’adda xxx

pic by yvonne ❤


1. frederick – an artists struggle (intro)
2. ludovico einaudi – walk (phaeleh remix)
3. david bowie – love is lost (hello steve reich mix by james
murphy for the DFA)
4. frederick – episode of love
5. bachar mar – khalifé – machins choses (ewan pearson mix)
6. frederick – i’m still here
7. le carousel – good times (phil kieran mix)
8. boards of canada – olson (midland edit)
9. osmose – lonely sound slowly dying
10. downtown party network – space me out (feat. egle sirvydyte)
(mario basanov remix)
11. maya jane coles – something in the air (bonobo remix)
12. terranova – headache (feat. cath coffey)
13. guy gerber, dixon – no distance (original mix)
14. sandrino, frankey – save (original mix)
15. orson wells – endless (original mix)
16. frederick – heart strings (outro)


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