AOR Disco Mix by dj ShmeeJay

Based in the Pacific Northwest and „known to talk about himself, in third person, endlessly“, Olof Jarvegren aka dj ShmeeJay hosts the ‚Ain’t No Big Thing Show‘ live on GrooveSkool Radio most Sundays at 10pm (gmt) / 5pm (est) / 2pm (pst). Many thanks to Olof for this exclusive mix in which he „(mostly) takes it down the bluesier side of rock.“

Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta (Valique’s Dub Edit)
Climax Blues Band – Couldn’t Get It Right (Belabouche Edit)
Glen Campbell – These Days (B-Shakes Edit)
Dire Straits – Follow Me Home (White Label Edit)
Tony Joe White – Backside (Space Duke Edit)
Arthur Lee – Everybody’s Gotta Live (Disco Tech Edit)
Tramp – Thomas & Redding (Hawk Edits Reboot)
J.J. Cale – Ride Me High (Joakim Edit)
Clarence Smith – Sometime I Feel Like A Motherless Child (Laura Edit)
Bear Brothers – Love Is (Psychemagik Edit)
Julius Brockington – This Feeling (Freedom) [Whiskey Barons Edit]
Many thanks to @oloffolo for this exclusive mix.

Track list coming soon at:


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