FUNKY J.A.M. – Ordinary DJ-Set

Ein neues DJ-Set von Funky J.A.M. ist online.

Johan Alexander Mäkiaho aus Malmö, Sweden meldet sich mit einem feinen Set zurück!

Funky J.A.M
He stumbled into the world of electronic music 8 years ago by coincidence, when a friend of him celebrated his birthday with nothing less than a good old fashioned techno-party in the forest. That exact night, he understood what good music accompanied with good people, can create. He knew already then how he would spend most of his time in the following years.
Since then Funky J.A.M has been involved in several party and club concepts in Oslo, Funky Fiction and Global Groove to mention a few. After countless hours and days dancing, he couldn’t resist the turntables magic. January 10. 2010, he did his first gig in a Back 2 Back-session with DJ Faia on a Sweat Shop-night at The Villa, Oslo.

The pure joy of watching happy faces on the dancefloor , and the pleasure of exploring a world of sounds, have only made Funky JAM more dedicated to the art of Dj’ing. Behind the turntables he’s always putting on a groove, pleasing both the demanding crowds in various clubs around Oslo, and himself aswell, judging from the big smile on his face.

Funky JAM‘s passion and love for music, reflects in his choice of tracks and style of mixing them all together. Spending endless hours searching for new, funky tracks for his next session, led him on to some of the finest Dj’s and producers around the world. Artists like Mikalogic, Alex Niggerman, Lauhaus, Joris Voorn, Baggi Begovic. Ellen Allien and not to be forgotten; our own Alex Jangle and the late Krusse Dull. (Hope your still smiling!), and many more like them, have influenced Funky JAM’s sound and style of playing.

„I love to play deep, funky tech house and techno, it doesn’t hurt me at all if there is a touch of vocals too.“

He host a radio show on
-Blue Monday, every Monday at 20:00-22:00 CET (7:00-9:00pm in the UK


„Music is the answer to all my funky problems!“

Love & Respect


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